13 Vertical Gardening Ideas

Vertical gardening is an ideal solution when you’re tight on space in an apartment or small house. If you have little to no yard space and wish to have a garden, this may well be the ideal solution for your needs. You won’t require a lot of space for these ideas and you’ll be amazed at how much you can grow in a vertical garden.

Of course, you probably want a ready-built product, if that is the case then check out this Garden Tower 2 review. But if you are on a tight budget you may be more interested in some home made options for your vertical garden. All it’s going to take is some ingenuity on your part and a few supplies that you may even have on hand. If you don’t have something to use for a vertical garden, chances are that you can find the things that you require on the side of a business getting rid of pallets, at a thrift store, or at a friend’s yard sale. Let’s look at some fun ways to set up a vertical garden.

1. Hanging Planters

The easiest way to start is to use some hanging planters. You can go with the old-fashioned macrame style hangers or you can create your own. Just plant some dirt in a flower pot and put in your seeds and then hang the planter in your hand-crafted hanger and you’re on your way. Hang these by a window for the best results. You can use ceiling hooks, curtain rods, or mount dowels to hang them from with “S” hooks.

2. Old Pallets

Stand old pallets up on their ends and you have an instant vertical garden. If desired, you could even mount a few square or round flower pots or shelves to the old pallets. These are ideal for a balcony, patio, or on an outdoor wall. Simply place some dirt or potting soil into the slats and plant your seedlings or seeds and make sure to mist daily. Avoid over-watering, you don’t want to wash the soil out of the pallets. Often you can find pallets at local businesses that are simply throwing them out. Be sure to ask before taking them, many businesses will save them for you if you ask them. Pallets can even be stacked end to end and secured together and to a wall to give you even more space.

3. 2 Liter Soda Bottles

2 Liter soda bottles lend themselves well to vertical gardening. Lay the empty rinsed-out bottle on its side and cut a hole into the bottle so that you have an opening of about 8 to 10 inches. Be careful not to cut yourself. Make sure to add a few drainage holes as well. Place your soil into the opening and then add your seedling or seeds. Tie some fishing line to each end of the bottle and hang it up so that you’re taking up vertical space. Water lightly. Most people leave the lid on with these and hang several in a row with a bit of space between them.

4. Old Gutters

Old gutters lend themselves well to vertical gardening. Put a few holes in them (hole punch sized) and string some fishing line through them to hang them. Then plant flowers or vegetables that don’t require a lot of root space (avoid potatoes, carrots, etc.). You’ll be able to hang several of these over the other to use as a garden space.

5. Old Ladders

Old ladders are an ideal way to vertical garden. Simply lean a ladder against the wall and mount some shelves to the steps. Then you can set some planters on the steps. If you have an old “A” frame ladder you can use both sides of the ladder. You can place a small board over the steps and use the width of the board across each step to expand on your gardening space.

6. Old Bookshelves

You can find these at thrift stores, yard sales, or even in your own home. simply place the bookshelf wherever you want your vertical garden and you can easily set planters into the shelves and use this for your garden space. If your bookshelves is small-sized you may be able to set them into a sunny window area and set several planters into the space.

7. Shoe Organizers

If you don’t have any of the fabric shoe organizers sitting around your home, head to the nearest dollar store and grab a few. For just a few dollars you can transform these into ideal planters. You’ll want a wooden dowel or curtain rod to hang them on so that you can take advantage of the pockets for planting. Simply fill each pocket with some soil and you’re good to go. Add in plants or seeds and all you have to do is water them and watch the plants grow.

8. Old Dressers

If you have access to an old dresser you can open the drawers up and use them as planters. Open the bottom drawer all the way and open the drawers above that slightly less for each consecutive drawer. Then you can either plant directly into the drawers or you can set planters into the various drawers. The dresser doesn’t have to be in the best condition so you can even use something you find near a dumpster.

9. Recycled Cans

Old soup cans, paint cans, tuna cans, etc. can all be utilized in a vertical garden. Wash your cans out well, make sure to put some holes into the bottom of each can for drainage. If desired, spray paint or decorate the cans in a theme. Add some holes near the top to thread some fishing line or other hanging devices through. Add your soil and seeds or seedlings and then mount these to either a wire trellis, wooden trellis or hang from the ceiling at different lengths.

10. Old Colanders

Od colanders are a fun way to spruce up an indoor vertical garden. Line with paper coffee filters to keep soil from running right through. Add soil and seeds or seedlings. Use the handles or the top set of holes to hang them from the ceiling, a curtain rod, or a dowel.

11. Over The Railing

If you have a porch, deck, or patio with a railing, you can get different flower pots and hang them from the railings. Add your soil and seeds or seedlings and you have an instant garden. Intersperse flowers and vegetables to make it more functional if desired. You can also do this on windowsills that have a wide enough space to set planters on, just make sure that the planter is secured to the windowsill so it won’t fall out of the window.

12. Old Crates

If you have access to old wooden crates you can stack them so that they allow you space to plant things in. Add your soil and seeds or seedlings and you’ll have a unique wall of plants. You may alternately wish to simply set planters into the open areas and move them around so that they get the best possible lighting.

13. Clay (Or Plastic) Pots

Clay (or plastic) pots of varying sizes can be stacked. Place soil in the largest pot and set your next sized planter on top of that and plant seeds or seedlings around the smaller sized planter. Repeat this method with as many planters as possible. The larger the bottom pot the more planters you can use. Find old planters at yard sales and thrift stores or buy inexpensive ones. If the colors aren’t the same you can paint them to match or create your own decor designs on the outside of them to unify the look.

Vertical garden ideas are only limited by your imagination. Many people mix and match ideas to create a unique garden in their homes or apartments. You can grow a lot of vegetables and flowers in a vertical garden.